About N.N.Fems


provides high quality professional beauty care brands. In total commitment to beauty and well being derived from its long experience and knowledge in the grooming and well being field, N.N.Fems Industries Ltd philosophy is to enrich the world of beauty with high quality brands created to satisfy the needs of consumers and beauty professionals.

We recognize the highest world standards in quality. Thus, in sourcing the raw materials, active ingredients and fragrances, we ensure strict compliance with our well enshrined quality control policy.

In addition, hygiene is no compromise in our production philosophy. We set high standards of cleanliness in equipment filling process and storage facility. Our professional team in research and development are dedicated to creating highly recognized, tested formulae to surpass expectations in term of the formulation of quality and result oriented brands. We are committed to meet our esteemed consumer’s expectation in terms of quality brands, service and timely delivery.

Our range of natural hair care brands have an array of specialized brands that offer you all the solutions needed for major hair problems. Our innovative formulae are enriched with natural extracts, which provide outstanding results to the hair without any side effects. The range has been well researched and specially created to make your hair glow healthy, lustrous and full of life.



N.N Fems Industries Ltd was established back in the year 1992 in Lagos, Nigeria – And since then, N.N .fems Industries has established a solid reputation for the manufacturing of cosmetic brands according to international standards. A team of well trained beauty production experts supervise the production process, supported with an administrative team of high level of integrity and professionalism. The company is committed to clear policies, empowering management and employee’s development through perpetual training to guarantee quality and efficiency of production material.

The company commenced operations with the production of the Apple range of brands. These include: Hair Food, Hair Treatment, Herbal & Scalp Treatment, Cream Relaxer, Super Setting Lotion, Beauty Shampoo, Instant Conditioner, Petroleum Jelly, Styling Gel, Hair Darkening Pomade, Coconut Oil cream, Neutralizing shampoo and Hair (pink) Oil.

In 2001, Ozone ranges of brands were added. These comprise of Cream Relaxer, weave-on Oil, Bergamot, Neutralizing shampoo, Hair Medicine (Anti-dandruff), Hair Groom and Anti-dandruff Shampoo as well as various Mystic rose range – body lotion, skin Lightening cream and moisturizing body cream.


To be the leading cosmetics production & Marketing Company in Africa that continues to provide high quality professional beauty care brands to all consumers.


Our core values are embedded in the pillars of trust, Integrity, empathy, Eco-friendly, teamwork, commitment, creativity and innovation, of which we firmly believe in, and we continuously promote… we will always operate with our partners on the basis of true collaboration and with our staff on the basis of intellectual integrity.


To build the value of our brand through strength and steadiness of customer satisfaction, a resultant of continuous innovations and adaptation of manufacturing process that conforms to best industry practices.


We shape our corporate culture with an open and transparent attitude... and we drive it through encouraging staff ideas, empowering management, holding them accountable and rewarding excellence at all times.